Do You? Will You...Remember?

Do you remember? ...
How we held each other so close in silence, never wanting that moment to end?
But yet wasn't long enough?
Do you remember? ...
How you leaned in and kissed me with such passion the world and everyone in it became a rushing blur?
When we glided across the ocean's restless edge? Hands intwined in the other, water lapping over our feet with a gentle chill brushing away the sands hold?
Leaving our footprints imprinted in the sand behind us, only to symbolize the many more steps we will take together as one.
Will you remember? ...
How much I love you, fifty years from now? How much your presence soothes my worries?
How I would fall apart and grieve if you ever left my side?
How long it will take me to pick up the pieces of my life that was you and move on?
Or will you forget? ....
Forget me? ....
Forget us? ....

By: Cece
Age: 14

by Cece Cook

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