Holocaust Echoes

Today I can not kill a man or woman
900 on a boat with children can be barely grasped
Six million require much stronger medications
Than I have prescribed.
Do you not know?
'The only good Indian is a dead Indian.'
Davy Crockett disagrees.
Pol Pot understands.
Joe Stalin smiles in agreement.
So where has this evil gone?
Oh, you think it is only a point.
Just all that race stuff of Hitler and the Nazis
and thirteen legions of accomplices.
How do we bend the tree from Homer to Plato?
How do we bring Nietzsche home for dinner?
A wise priest whose name is lost gives one formula:
'See Jesus in every shit head.'
A little too coarse?
How about the sign in the Amish store:
'Kindness Matters' - a little too simple?
If molecules were to see a vision and mutiny
Perhaps Albert Schweitzer's 'Reverence for Life'
Could be the manifesto?
Perhaps Mahatma Gandhi could be more like beacon than name?
Perhaps the scriptures could give us
Something of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's courage?
I can not help but wonder when Jesus is coming.

by Bill Grace

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