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Doctor (4) (Doctor Greedy And Doctor Pity)
UWK U Win Kyi ( / )

Doctor (4) (Doctor Greedy And Doctor Pity)

There were 2 GP's,
Dr Greedy and Dr Pity.

Dr Greedy was fond of money.
Patient's pocket became empty.
He lived in a big city,
driving posh car Mercedes,
dating the women of beauty.

Dr Pity was fond of charity,
living in a far country
without boundary,
caring the needy.
His pocket became empty,
as the patients had recoveries,
and very happy.

Dr Greedy left all his wealth,
on the earth,
after his death.
Dr Pity left nothing.
All he had was God's blessing.

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wonderful comparison between two doctors...very realistic poem..10 from me