My job is to know you
Even if you don't know yourself
My job is to expose you
Like no one else

So much time you spend
Pretending you're in control
Until all your tricks fail
When you fault my role

I studied you in all events
Before life, after life, in life
And none like me can tell you what went
And what's left to use mid strife

I'm about your body
But I talk to your mind
And I never left your heart, hardly
I'm every memory you'll ever find

People don't know me
But they still in me they trust
In the end you owe me
That I took care of you dust to dust

Overworked and underpaid,
Or infamously overpolished
I know you have me made
And I know you have me acknowledged

No matter how you see me,
I'm present and a present
Your failsafe wrapped in a mystery
Whodunnit that you represent

by Ragy Sandid

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