(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Doctor Freud

The fact that you wear a moustache
and float around with much panache
does not make you into the Kaiser
nor would it see you any wiser
so stop pretending little man
wipe off your grin with the false tan
for, if you think yours does not smell
then in your mind you are not well.
Come see me when you have a chance
but pay your fee well in advance.
as otherwise I get annoyed
my name is Doctor Sigmund Freud.

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Comments (5)

Fun poem...I laughed.
You win the prize for the most interesting topics for poems, Herbert. This is fun. Raynette
cute, Herbert! (Hell, I have to type 20 characters for this to post!)
Impatient too, I gather? Hmm, sounds like Doctor Freud has a little competition he wished wouldn't attract so much attention...besides himself. Interesting poem here Herbert! LSP
Some interesting thoughts here, Herbert