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Doctor No

Can malice and spite be alive and well?
...In the heart of one who calls himself a healer?
A psychiatrist who's heart is surely bent
To running me over much like an 18 wheeler! ! !

Many of us have been following his words and actions
...Must state to him that this is not a game- -
Your bile and spleen - your actions are incredibly mean..
As you travel your crooked highway to fame! ! !

How old are you now? Perhaps sixty- nine?
...What has happened to your honest level head?
Did you leave it behind - at the house previously defined?
Or has your own need for chemicals kept your heart & brain fed?

Shame on you - shame on's time to grow up
...You claim to be a Catholic by choice
Perhaps it's time for confession and some redemption...
Instead of your continued back handed numerical voice! ! !

Living in the past is a negative thing...
...I have had to let go of my 70's nightmare!
I have also let go of all who played a part in hurting me...
In this ugly world of violence, drug smuggling and despair! ! !


By, Theodora Onken

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I do not know if this is still going on... but it is REALLY wrong!