(13/08 / hyderabad, A.P, India.)

Doctor Or Devil?

the doctor- a perfect disguise of devil.
working on all his notions evil.
he used his profession so modest.
to fulfill his desire of lust,
he manipulated an innocent girl.
who believed doctors are 'pure like pearl'.
many times she was forced to lie low,
& the devil caressed her torso.
it took time before she realized.
she turned pale, her heart beat raised,
she didn't know whether to call for help
or all her anger should she gulp.
as everyone believed he is a 'helper'
she can prove he is an impostor.
she sat there with throbbing heart & tears,
5 mins appeared long as years.
out of his cabin she stepped out so shattered,
all her faith in doctors was battered.
now she believes doctors too are devil.
who practice for lust and always will.
now when she needs to visit a doctor.
she prays, before that, death should come and get her.

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