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Doctors And Surgeons

Doctors and surgeons may help you to live longer but they cannot help you to grow younger and strong
In the long term they cannot keep death from you if you think they can you have got it wrong
For you are born a mortal like all others and mortals are born to die
This is a fact of our existence and as is said of fact it never lie

Doctors and surgeons are not infallible errors they have been known to make
And they leave it to the undertakers to cover their every mistake
Even the most perfect humans are not perfect only seems true to say
For to err on occasions known to be the human way

Doctors and surgeons as well as other medical professionals do have a huge after tax pay
Financially for themselves they do more than okay
But on their job they must always be alert and wide awake
As they have a big responsibility with human lives at stake

Doctors and surgeons for years may keep you alive
But the longest lived have only so much time to survive
Eventually the reaper of lives on some night or day
With the scythe of death will come reaping your way.

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