Doctrines Of Our Comforts

Who we are and our priorities?
You still have your list?
Let's make sure,
We both have the same updates!
I'll read them and you check yours off:

1) What we have.
2) How much did it cost.
3) What year was it obtained,
And current value.
4) Who we know.
5) What they have.
6) How much did it cost them.
7) What year did they obtain whatever it is...
And its current value.
8) Who they know.
9) What they know and how.
10) How any of this achieves our satisfaction.

Who cares about anything else,
As long as we get ours.
These doctrines are our comforts!
Keep them close to you...
Just in case we are interrogated at the border.
If they are lost you will not gain re-entry!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

The modern formula for 'success', 'happines', and a sense of 'achievement'. If we tick all the boxes, we've obviously 'made it'.This turns the spotlight onto a creeping disease! How quickly we adapt to the means of our undoing in the long term. How much further can we go down this road? It has to be a cul de sac! Clear and thought provoking writing. jim