Documenting Of Those Endeavors

There is nothing more I hate to do...
Than it is to prove someone a fool.
And at their expense.
I hate the doing of that.
Since some lessons to teach,
I should not be the one to feel obligated...
To ensure that they are taught.
I have spent too much time sacrificing to qualify,
Interests of mine in other fields...
With a documenting of those endeavors.

To have shed buckets of sweat,
Drops of blood and lots of tears.
And teaching others to have that certified,
Is not one of them I've ever wished to satisfy.
That's why I hate it when someone comes,
With only one purpose! A purpose I deny.
And that is to try my patience to undo it,
Until that lesson I hate to teach is done.
To then have it said when rumors spread...
I am the one who is sensitive.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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