Hey! Mr.Wise.Intellectual
what you expect from this man?
Do you want him to join your language marathon.
A skinny; you can count his ribs.
Let him stay as a semicolon
and don't make him a full stop.
You may keep your dogmas with you
and let him crawl to the grave.

From my stressful heart, dedication to a certain reader who insulted me publicly for some grammar mistakes of my poems.I agreed and I know my limitations as the English is my second language and without any hesitation I would like to say that I am still a beginner.Please excuse me, my friendly readers.

by nimal dunuhinga

Comments (2)

That's telling him Nimal! Some of the english words you use are to diffucult for even me to understand. I have to look them up in the dictionary, you use very good english. Why don't you write that guy a poem in your mother tounge, and ask him to point out your grammar mistakes.See how good he does!
In the language of poetry, I give you a ten. I also praise you for your honest and graceful dedication. Kindest regards, Sandra