(dodge Dave Tale) Dodgy Dave Deserves A Break Today

Dodgy Dave deserves a break today.
He's writing so fast, his fingers are whittling away.
He just finished his book
and that was all it took.

by JoJo Bean Click to read full poem

Comments about (dodge Dave Tale) Dodgy Dave Deserves A Break Today

Carol Gall 14 Sep 2009 01:21
dodgy dave eh funny...
Hehe, a fun poem that screams out as the words spill upon paper. Take a break when you can.
Meggie Gultiano 21 Aug 2007 08:34
Really enjoyed this one, my dear..it's very funny..and oh, i think, David deserves a break, and i wanted him to dance with me..tell him..ha ha.. hugs, Meggie
Shelley L Baxter-stanley 31 May 2007 07:35
Great fun poem and an easy read which was an enjoyable one! Joanne I love the rhyme scheme and just the overall good feeling the poem keeps from beginning to end...Just reading this poem lets me know you have much to say and you know how to say it! Keep up the good work..... =Shelley=
Melvina Germain 18 May 2007 09:04
Another wonderful Dodgy Dave tale, fantastic, these are great JoJo. Dave I'm learning new things about you.--Melvina--
David Harris 18 May 2007 05:43
JoAnn, Dodgy can't take a break I'm afraid he has got a sermon to write for his Sunday service, then some more poems just to keep my friend all smiling or crying at his grammar. (which isn't very good) . Another great poem. Thank you for this my friend. Top marks from me. Dodgy Dave
... Sheila 18 May 2007 02:33
Yes, Dodgy....take a break and let us know how all goes with your book! Oh, and take it easy with the hip swaying.....lol.