(dodge Dave Tale) Tele' Tinkle Tales

Poem By JoJo Bean

Dodgy Dave the Vicar
had to say his sermon quicker
because in his pocket he forgot
to turn his tele' tinkle off.

The weather was a wonder
so to the streets they lumbered
To hear the Vicars words
but the tinkle was all they heard

Then much to his dismay
before he ends the day
The town Marshal had arrived
to arrest his sorry hide

The moral of the story lies...
Before you preach your word of wise
Reach in your pocket please
turn off your tele' tinkle tease
Check it twice, a double thinker
or you maybe preaching in the clinker
: O)

24 April 2007

Comments about (dodge Dave Tale) Tele' Tinkle Tales

this is really great dave in jail
now i know..you have a good sense of humor..you have captured well the ins and outs of Dodge Dave..so well penned, Jojo..i enjoyed it. top marks fro me.. love and hugs, Meggie
Very funny Joanne, lol! Another tale in the life of Dave...too funny.Great rhyme scheme and a nice easy read.Thanx so much for sharing this well written piece. Take care of U.......... =Shelley=
lol totally love this poem-you've great humour just as I thought! just getting round to reading your stuff now believe it or not after you being so nice and commenting on mine :) Danny xxx
Too funny! It's amazing you got this all written before the 'dinosaur' threw you out! LOL It's nice to read a poem, now and then, that makes you laugh and this one did. Great job and a big old ten!

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