(dodgy Dave Tale) A Page Of Dodgy Dave's

Poem By JoJo Bean

A whole page of Dodgy Dave tales
Let me take a deep breath......(exhale)
Wow can you believe Dave
all your tales I've saved
One complete page on my website
The one's you gave to make my life bright

God works in mysterious ways
It was getting hard to write some days
Then you came along with your tales
and put some wind back into my sails

How can I thank you
Words just won't do
They fall short of their mark
How your tales gave a spark

But now it's more then the stories Dave
It's the gift of friendship you gave
I ask myself everyday how is this so
How you befriended one with such woe

You must have one of the biggest hearts
The size of your heart must be off the charts
For I bet everyone that knows you would say
'He's the greatest, that Dodgy Dave'

Comments about (dodgy Dave Tale) A Page Of Dodgy Dave's

This is a shining example of the adage that poetry begets more poetry. Inspiration comes from many places, but the best inspiration of them all is from fellow poets. What a wonderful tribute to a charming poet (and one hell of a bloke too I'm told by those who know him) . May your friendship continue apace and your ink flow with ease and creativity. love, Allie xxxx
I think your whole series of Dave poems is simply wonderful. He's a wonderful guy (so you clearly have good taste in friends as well as in poetry! ! !) and these are marvellous tributes. Carry on writing, sweetheart! ! ! ! ! t x
JoAnn, I just can't believe this number 21. How time flies since you put up The Vicar Is Quicker the first of the tales you wrote about me. Saying I'm honoured would be an understatement. I have never felt that I am anything special as you have made me out to be. I just try to help people whenever I can and to me that is normal and not special at all. This tribute is lovely, what more can I say, only that I am lucky, more than lucky to have a friend in you. David aka Dodgy Dave
JoJo, what a lovely poem about a lovely guy! I am so pleased that his tales have managed to bring a smile to your face. Keep on writing you do so well, a lovely uplifting note. HG: -) xx
Hey JoJo...wonderful tribute to a great guy! ! Hugs, Dee

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