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(dodgy Dave Tale) Big Bruv
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(dodgy Dave Tale) Big Bruv

Poem By JoJo Bean

Big Bruv I call him now
Not because he lovingly allows
And not because of his stature of 6ft 3
It's because he is that special friend to me
He fills that empty spot in my heart
He has listened to my every word right from the start
Never too criticize, lecture, or berate
It's one of his special traits
And when you ask for the honest truth
You won't get silly words from youth
You will receive what you need to hear
And you will know it is sincere
Thank you to my special friend
He is one of two that I can depend

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Comments (5)

I think that it is so important for other fellow poets to read this, , Brilliant! Love duncan X
True friends are few and far between. Your poem says a lot about caring and sharing. Thank you for showing us what friendship is all about.
Well done, sis..a very warm tribute to your big broder..nicely penned
JoAnn, this is beautiful. I feel honoured that you think of me in this way, I really do. It is also nice in having a special friend like you. Top marks as usual, but I wish I could give me and thanks for sharing these wonderful thoughts. Love and Hugs Big Bruv
A delightful friend... well done JoJo