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(dodgy Dave Tale) Dear Mrs. Doubtfire...
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(dodgy Dave Tale) Dear Mrs. Doubtfire...

Poem By JoJo Bean

Dear Mrs Doubtfire,

I understand that love is so deep.

That you would do anything in this world

for your children...... your paradoxical sheep.

But I'm afraid you have some stiff competition.

I know Dodgy Dave wears many hats.

It's the nature of Deadwood town

that brings out those stats.

Always a party or prank to be pulled.

You never know what Dave may show up as

He's the pretend preacher there

But he shows lots of pazzaz.

His heart Mrs. Doubtfire

must be bigger than your's.

To be caught in this get-up

with dress on and pearls

(I think the size of the shoes give it away David....LOL)
(You have to see the picture to appreciate that comment: O)

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