Ping Pong

Poem By Puppy Luver (10 years old)

This really isn't quite a Dodgy Dave Tale,
because it begins here with another male.
His son has inherited his family genes,
that leave some laughing and splitting their seams.

You see one evening both Dave and his wife.
Went out on the town for some fun and nightlife.
They went to see a male entertainment act.
His wife wanted to meet him so Dave made the contact.

After the show the meeting took place.
And what the wife asked for wasn't an embrace.
She asked the entertainer if she could sit on his knee.
And this is where the story turns to Dave's genes.

The next evening on a Television show.
The entertainer they saw, crutched out real slow.
You see he had hurt his knee.
Dave's son was there watching, sitting on the settee.

'Hey mum the entertainer you saw last night,
hurt his knee, what a terrible plight!
They say some fat old bird sat on his knee,
which created some stress on his knee, you see.'

So there you have it, how the genes were passed on.
But the stories not over I have more to add on.
Stay tuned to this station for the rest of this tale
Daves at it again with another female

Comments about Ping Pong

JoAnn, did I love this. Somehow your words made if funnier than what I told you. Either way it was brilliant. Looking forward to part two. Top Marks from me. Dodgy Daffy Dave

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4,8 out of 5
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