(dodgy Dave Tale) It's In The Genes Part Ii

Poem By JoJo Bean

I must take you back to the genes.
To refresh your mind it seems.
You see part I was about Dave's son.
His son's funnybone from Dave he won.

But this story here happens a year later.
Dave bringing his wife and niece back to see the same entertainer.
They took the niece with them to enjoy the act.
And this is where I must reenact.

You see Dave convinced his niece,
that the entertainer after being released,
would come over to Dave's home.
So Dave could show him a song (Not a poem)

The niece was excited about this event,
for an autograph and pictures were her intent.
But little did she know what Dave had in mind.
When he asked a music teacher to join the crime.

It came time for the entertainer to arrive.
The niece was as nervous as bees in a hive.
Couldn't sit still, wondering when he would show.
But little did she know.....

The phone rang Dave answered the call.
Said a few words to make time stall.
Put the niece up to the phone.
The entertainer wasn't coming to their home.

She talked a long time with someone there.
Here is where she becomes more unaware.
She thought she was talking to the entertainer's music director.
It was Dave's friend the music teacher, undetected.

In the kitchen stood both Dave and his wife.
They never laughed so hard in their life.
Listening to the niece talking on the phone.
So unaware that nothing was known..

Your probably wondering what this story here,
has to do with Dave's genes....well it's clear.
You need to go read part I
then you'll understand better, this fun.

Comments about (dodgy Dave Tale) It's In The Genes Part Ii

JoAnn, wonderful part two. \you know your making sound like a little imp. lol. I guess I am in a way on a cobweb lease. another brilliant episode in the life of this very Dodgy Vicar. Top Marks from me. Dodgy Dave
Ohhh...you're a trickster! ! ! That's worse than me leaving people dangling...LOL...cute poem...now I'll have to go back to part 1 Hugs, dee

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