(dodgy Dave Tale) Jailbird Vera

Poem By JoJo Bean

(Dodgy Dave Tale) Jailbird Vera

Seems the Vicar has a jailbird for a wife
Heaven knows how long she'll be in the pokey..
days or life
He'll have to pray for guidance for her soul
Or maybe a few 'please Lord' for a quick parole

The trial was set and Mayor Papa Bear's wife came in
Up to the stand to speak of the incriminating sin
Here Vera was found sleeping on the curb outside
Waiting for Daniel O'Donnell tickets to arrive
(In England he is a star of utmost size
At least in Vera's eyes)

She wasn't caught at that time
It was the Mayor's wife snitching the crime
Shame....shame....the Vicar's wife
Leaving such heartache and strife
Now the Vicar will have to reform her ways
Repent Vera! .......for better days

© 2008 (All rights reserved)

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