(dodgy Dave Tale) Plastic Flowers

Poem By JoJo Bean

(Dodgy Dave Tale) Plastic Flowers

This is another Dodgy Dave Tale that goes out
To all the romantics that have their doubts
See Dodgy states he is unromantically inclined
That could leave poor Vera maligned
(Vera his wife that this story is behind)

You see when your in love with a man
Women expect romantic gifts not just a hand
And Vera felt a little slighted here
Because it was flowers she lacked from her dear

So one day his wife and Dodgy Dave
Went out on the town not to misbehave
They decided to go to a Car Boot Sale
(Don't ask me what that is Dave knows that tale)

As they were walking along that day
Dodgy Dave came upon a plastic flower bouquet
Well he picked the thing up
And thought to himself...what luck
Now I have flowers to give to my gal
And she will think of me as her romantic pal

The moral of this silly story here
Is if you want to be unromantically clear
Give your loved one plastic flowers instead
And in return for your supper expect water and brown bread

28 Jan 2008

Comments about (dodgy Dave Tale) Plastic Flowers

Hello JoJo ' Plastic Flowers ' - Awful the gift, but is poems for whom that a good lesson.. Tsira
I was just talking tonight about the time that I put plastic flowers out side our house and what amusement it brought to see the neighbours faces when they were still in bloom in December This is a whole lot of fun Thankyou very much, for this, and for all your kind words on my scribbles Love duncan X
There is something sad about plastic flowers - don't you think? And your clever poem uses them to great effect. Something tells me this story might have a ring of truth to it? I hope Dodgy has learned his lesson. I'm still laughing... love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
YES! Say no to plastic flowers! Love this write JoAnn Thank you! ! ! *10*! ! Friend Thad
JoAnn, spot on with this one from this unromantic fool. Had a good laugh though I must say those plastic flowers still haunt me to this day. Top marks lil sis. Thanks for sharing another of my tales with the wold. Dodgy Dave

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