(dodgy Dave Tale) Vera's Multi-Coloured Surprise

Poem By JoJo Bean

Well we have to go back again
Back to when David's marriage began
But this time the stories of Vera his wife
And what David did to give her such strife

It was nearing Vera's birthday time
And David left her a riddling rhyme
What would be multi-coloured, black all over, when you see it
In a box 5ft by 3ft by 1ft and a half inch bit
And the part Vera wanted was the half inch too
Sorry David I hope that half inch isn't you
(Hehehe...I just had to put that through)

Those where the clues that David gave to his wife
She took them to work to share part of her life
She read all the clues to her co-workers there
And they all came up with answers to compare
One said a washing machine, another a settee
But again David had left them unaware you see

So then it came time for Vera's birthday cheer
Vera asked nicely maybe a whisper in his ear
David said your looking straight at it
She looked around the room and was having a fit

David went to the record player and turned it on
And started playing Vera's favorite song
Well now you have all the clues
Did you make a guess to see if you knew?

The multi-coloured was the LP's jacket cover
The size of the box was too throw off his lover
Black all over was the LP it's self
And the half inch Vera wanted, the favorite song that makes her melt
(Not the one I hoped wasn't under David's belt)

Oh... that Dodgy Dave and his tales
He always makes us laugh and wail
He sure has a big funny bone
Vera how do you live with your silly gnome?
(Never a dull moment inside your home)

Comments about (dodgy Dave Tale) Vera's Multi-Coloured Surprise

Enjoy's this one. Very clever with all the clues. Never came close.
These Dodgy Dave poems certainly entertain and make compelling reading at the same time. They have a freshness and conversational quality all their own. Loved this. Allie xxxxxxxx
JoAnn, I'd forgotten that I told that tale. The old man's mind must be slipping a bit since he has been doing the Great Granddaddy bit. Great poem as usual and struck my funny cord. Worthy of top marks if I could put it there. Thanks for sharing this one to the world. Dodgy Dave

2,5 out of 5
33 total ratings

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