LS (6/7/91 / Casa Grande)

Does Anybody Hear Her

does anybody hear her
she is crying out for help begging on her knee's please
one more chance and i'll be the best kid you every had
she just wants to make someone pround of her
she is looking for love she cry's out to him why
am i not good enough put she feels hopeless
an she gives herself away she knows that god loves her but she avoids that little voice in her ear
does anybody hear her
the screams of her pain the tears that fall an hit the ground like ran
does anybody see the marks on her beautiful body they think its because she is a bad kid but she begs to just let her be a kid
does anybody
see that she is lost because nobody stopped to ask her if she is okay and she is a lost little girl trying to find her way
hopping for a brighter day
does anybody hear her
crying nobody understands she is actually dying

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