Does God Speak To Everyone?

No, my friends...
I’m afraid he doesn’t
At least he never has
to me

When I needed him most
he was like a ghost
At least as far
that I could see

When my soul was aching
and my heart was breaking
And my daughter was slipping
Away from me

With my hand on her brow
I said, “Lord, the time is now”
To either keep her here…
Or set her free

The silence was deafening
In response to my plea
So, Blue eyes… I’m afraid he doesn’t…
At least he didn’t… speak to me

And since that fateful day
I guess that you could say
maybe God and I, we both agreed…
at least tacitly

That since he didn’t speak then
and still does not speak to me today
That he’ll only speak to everyone…
Everyone but me

by David Whalen

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