Does He Know?

I wrote this after my boyfriend dumped me...I was really depressed and wanted him back for a long time

Does he know? ...
Does he know how much of my heart he owns?
Does he know how much he hurt me?
Does he know what he did?
Does he know that he still has my heart in his hands?
Does he know he’s always on my mind, never gone?
Does he know that he’s like
the “Ghost of Christmas Past? ”
Always coming unexpectedly.
Does he know how it feels
to see him in the hallway and
long to hug him or kiss him?
Does he know how much I want
to fix whatever it was that
I did that drove him away?
Does he know the reason?
Does he know that there’s
a big hole in my heart where
he’s supposed to be?
Does he know how much
pain I feel when he laughs
with everyone but me?
Does he know how much
my heart gets ripped out each time
I see him with someone else?
Does he know that I still love him?
Does he know that no matter
what he’ll always have a
place in my heart?
Does he know the number of times that I’ve cried for him?
wanted him?
needed him?
Does he know how much I long for him to wrap me in his arms
and tell me that everything’s fine?
Does he know the agony of pretending that everything’s fine,
and that nothing’s changed?
Does he know how much it hurts me
when he avoids me?
when he won’t even look at me?
Does he know how it feels to try and block out the day
that started this whole relationship?
Does he know? ...

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I love this one... that's about all I can say through the tears of remembering Cyle... ~Lacey~