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Does He Love Me?

Does he love me?
This I think so,
He looks at me the way i think,
That shows me that he cares,
When my hair is in my face,
He gently brushes it away,
His voice is smooth and soft,
Sweet as a lullaby
His body is so soothing,
When im crying on his sholder,
His persents makes me want to scream
Because I love him, with my own heart,
His eyes are medows of green grass,
With the Sun shining bright,
They make me want to play all day,
His hands are soft like velvet,
They make me want to cuddle up.
I wish i could see him more,
But he has gone away,
Leaving his two children and I,
To fight for our nation,
We love you and always will,
You will stay in our thoughts and prayers
For ever....................and ever.

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