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Does It Have To Be Us And They

I wonder why they wish to kill us those people from Lands far away
Are we really not such good people and are we really bad as they say?
They blame us for their poor existence, do we cause their social decay?
Though the gulf between us keeps on widening does it have to
be us and they?

We like to see them as the bad guys though the media about them tell lies
And their media tells them how bad we are which really comes as no surprise
When they bomb us we scream aloud terror and when we bomb them well that is okay
Our people lives worth more than their lives why do it have to be this way?

The mother weeps for her dead children her heart broken from a bombing attack
In a retalitation for an act of terror her children died in the pay back,
We hear words such as collateral damage to insult their humanity
And their lives are as valuable as our lives at least that's how it ought to be.

To them we feel far more superior and we are not superior at all
Their babies like our western babies before they can walk have to crawl,
We elect the most horrible leaders and we think their leaders are bad
We can't see the decay in our backyard and does not that seem a bit sad?

Are we that much better than they are or are we as bad as they say?
They bomb us and we scream aloud terror and when we bomb them well that is okay,
Our culture to theirs is so different and to a very different God we pray
And the gulf that's between us keeps widening and bigger it gets every day.

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