Does It Hurt? Or...Do You Get Use To It?

They say,
U b illin'
When U aint chilled!

Today's youth have their on views.
And language too.
With their own emphasis on what to like...
And for whatever the purpose.

'That needs to be kicked to the curb,
If it disturbs.'

And if it's thought to be 'sick'?
That's hip to them.

'Did you hear that?
That's SICK.
I love it! '

And those of us who have arrived to live,
To see 'dinosaur' years...
Are blessed!
Few of these kids pay us any attention.
And those who seek wisdom and approach...
Want to know...
'Don't you get tired of being SO old?
Does it hurt?
Do you get use to it?

My grandfather drinks.
He use to smoke pot!
But I made him stop!
Today's quality isn't as good as it use to be! '

Do you kids know 'anything' about respect?
At all?

'I like her music! '

Who's music?

'Aretha Franklin.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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