Does It Matter Anymore

Does it matter anymore.
As to who decides the time has come,
For their minds and eyes to open wider...
With clarity to see beyond closed doors.
Does it matter,

Does it matter anymore who has ignored,
A common sense that has long been absent.
As a foolishness enhanced,
Has become entrusted to lust and decadence.
Does it matter,

Does it matter anymore,
Who wishes to communicate to others...
A wanting to understand and comprehend,
With them the meaning of a quality of life.
To know they've become bored to listen.
Or have it mentioned,
About times remembered like that...
Never again to return back.
Does it matter,
Anymore? Does it?

And to whom would it matter?
If common sense is absent.
Or kept hidden.
To prevent its existence.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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