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Does It Matter Anyway

A friend of mine did tell me of what a sort of former friend was saying of me
One who by his own admission is now my sworn enemy
What he said of me is quite untruthful but does it matter anyway
Since to karma for his nastiness the price will be his to pay
Karma does reward and punish i have come to realize
And the price of karma will be huge to pay to one for treacherous lies
What goes around does come around as some are known to say
Your words will come back to haunt you when with dangerous words you play
That he told untruths about me comes to me as no surprise
Since i had grown to mistrust him to his kind one becomes wise
But i am not out for revenge since karma of him will take care
What we do to others to our own selves we do i have become aware
With his lies he may have harmed me but that too is okay
Since he has sown the seeds of his bad karma by the words that he did say.

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