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Does It Matter If I Am A Rhymer

Does it matter if i am a rhymer and i do not write well
Or if the literary opinionated dismiss me as one who pen doggerel
I do enjoy penning rhymes in case you may not have known
And what i do for a hobby is my business and my business is my own

I feel happy when rhyming every day new rhymes i write
And i email them to be published on an internet site
Without hope for reward or financial gain in any way
But it is something i do enjoy doing every day

The poets do write poetry with me that's okay
But who is or is not a poet is not for me to say
I mind my own business and do my own thing
And those i feel worthy of praising their praises i do sing

We know about poets that poets are few
You may say to that do tell us what is new
For one to call himself or herself a poet is as easy as the word can be
Self promotion is the in thing of the twenty first century

My best days in life to the forever gone
But true to my calling i keep rhyming on
I write for my own enjoyment and little else more
This is something in rhyme i have written of before.

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