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Does It Not Seem A Great Pity

The property developers and engineers with building plans for the city
May be seen as influential and successful but does it not seem a great pity
That they do not know the value to the Natural Environment of an old growth tree
In their admiration club you will never find people like me

Needles destruction of natural habitat for wildlife for development is taking place every day
And because of this many species endangered of extinction which seems quite sad to say
Young people spend years in universities to get their engineering degrees
But their highly paid professors never do teach them on the great value of trees

To the natural habitat meant for wildlife so to them it seems quite okay
To remove any tree of development that does seem to be in the way
The World we live in with other life forms we seem all too unwilling to share
In these times of Climate Change it is one reason many species of wildlife are becoming rare

From Mother Earth us humans take and take and in return to her nothing give
And as neighbors with other life forms we have not learned on how to live
Habitat that shelter and sustain wildlife by developers is being destroyed Worldwide
On what we are doing to our Earth Mother we ought to feel no sense of pride.

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