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Does It Only Make Sense To Me?
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Does It Only Make Sense To Me?

Poem By Matthew Jenkins

i'm tired of always wanting to run away from my fears

i wish i was as strong as you make me out to be

if people only knew a deeper side of me

they'd see that i'm worth the while in all i can do

i'm tired of feeling sick whenever i feel alone

i'm tired of feeling alone whenever i feel sad

i'm tired of feeling sad whenever i think of the past

but i'll never get tired of thinking of the past

why do we bitch about so much drama these days?

we all create it in our own special ways.

once upon a time will never be again

i think i like somebody

where did all the fun go in being alive?

how far can someone really push me until they've gone too far

i'll never know where 'who i was' ever went

but i know that i will never be 'who i was' again

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