Does It Seem Right

Does It Seem Right

I know, to some, it doesn't seem right
But it's something I just cant fight.
Thought we were going to be just friends
But now I no longer can pretend

If I could turn back the hands of time
I wouldn't change that she is mine
She was my friend when no one was there
It was she that stayed when no one else cared

She lifted my spirits when I was down and out.
It was she that found cash to get me the bailout
Who are they to judge my love for her?
Who's to say we cant be together?

It was she that stuck through thick and thin
Jump in and cast the stone, you without sin
Mumble, mumble you all have a lot to say
Where were you when I was in need anyway?

She was there by my side
We have nothing nothing to hide
She is not going anywhere
Because: I love her...

Jim 1990

by James Casey

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