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Does Judge Not

You believe all good things come to those who wait
And will to you too if you do keep the faith
If to your chosen god you kneel to pray
For a half an hour or sometimes more every day

You believe post bodily death your soul has wings to fly
Up to your god's eternal paradise somewhere beyond the sky
That from your earthly cares and worries your soul will have release
To live forever more in god's kingdom in lasting joy and peace

Your neighbor the known atheist you believe a post earthly life for him of hell
You must be an extraordinary seer in seeing you can foretell
The fate that does await him on the day his body die
Is judge not and thou shalt not be judged to you a blatant lie

Good things await those who do pray this is what you do believe
That if you worship your universal god good things in return you will receive
As a reward for your loyalty in heaven's paradise beyond the sky
Does judge not and thou shalt not be judged to you not apply?

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