GH (5/15/90 / savannah, ga)

Does Pleasing Make Me Guilty?

Ever So Trusting....

Never running
Spontaneously combusting
Into absolutly nothing

Never doubting....

Living a dream
Wanting him with me
But i imagine he will leave

Always trusting....

It seems once again i can't please
Though it is my only goal in living
Does that make me so guilty

Forever promising....

Flash back to months ago
When i was strongly watching
And all i wanted was him

Constantly craving....

And now i wonder what he is planning
Is my world soon to fall apart again
Is there a reason for my crying

Still trusting....

Is this a game at which i am losing
A match that i'm not winning
A fate i should stop fighting

Always frgiving....

is there legitamacy to my fear
Is it hopeless to hold you dear
Is there anyone that can answer my questions here

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Well, I sure can't answer your questions but I will say this poem is wonderful. I think most of us have felt this way one time or another. Keep your chin up! Sincerely, mary