Doesn’t Ever Hinder Your Love

Wonder many times
How I can write a poem for you
You’re, one of special friend in my life
The kind smile on your face is...a magic that I love to see always
The Supernatural personality of you is
Takes me more closely to you with respect and dignity
You’re popular by each and every ways not easy to forget
My friends are always telling
That they love you Deeper
The miracles brings with your come is
A heaven gift for us
in a far away home land that I wants to say!
I/we love you as a one of blood born sister in our families
doesn’t ever hinder your love for us and me.......

O.W.Palitha Ariyarathna
Copyright, O.W. Palitha Ariyarathna.2009
All Rights Reserved By Author: 2009

This poem dedicate to you The Loving Sister Iresha Maduwanthi.
the Deeper perceptions are in this poems having been bring out by your personality.

by Palitha Ariyarathna

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Thanks for the comments on poem hunter. do you know your lovely and kind personalty been barrier for me to advance for understand more deeper about real human. thanks for been me for as lovely sister with Srilankan Heritage.
This is so special for me. And want to tell you I don’t know to write like you. Learnt a lot when I was there with you all. Most of you treated me as your own sister but some were not. Thank you very much for all things which you did. It was an unforgettable period which I always love. Hats Off to you all Life Guards @ SLAD. MISS U ALL