Doesn'T Matter

Doesn't matter wherever you run
I'll spot you out like a bright sun
Lighting over every dark place
Shining brightly over your face

Doesn't matter however you lie
I'll see it when I look in your eye
It'll be so obvious in your guilt
Still, I'll never tell myself to quit

Girl, don't think that I'm a big fool
I'm just a gent who plays it cool
Don't worry, leave me to my fate
I should die to be your soul mate

Doesn't matter whatever you say
You think all of this is a child's play
And you think my heart is so strong
But I want you to know you're wrong

Doesn't matter any streak of my tear
Nor any pang of my greatest fear
You're contented with your happiness
And uncaring about my sheer sadness

Don't think I don't know what I'm doing
If I go away, it will be your own undoing
I'll stray faraway so we'll never ever see
And someday, you'll beg on your knees

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