CS (4/21/90 / USA)

Doesn'T Matter

Life isn't fair
but not all people would care
drowning in thier own problems
with no clue to solve them
but it doesn't matter
but if they stopped thier chatter
and maybe took the time to look you through
then they may realize what is true
but it doesn't matter about all the troubles they have gone through
just to figure you
they'll just drown in thier own problems
and only worry and care about you
but it doesn't matter
itf they did take the time to see you through and through
maybe they'll figure out that your just like them
and knowing that life isn't perfect,
that life comes with its own set of problems that you try figuring
but usually there are no solutions

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Dear Cynthia, This surely shows a ton of promise. I like to encourage younger writers so they don't have to go what I went through to arrive at this stage of my writing career. May I be so bold as to offer you some advise? Try not to concern yourself too much regarding rhyme; it often distracts one's true intent. Of course this doesn't always apply, I just believe too many beginning poets rely on it too much. Also watch the spelling. I truly hope this helps. Sincerely sorry if I offended you at all; just trying to give a little guidance, that's all. Gregory PS: the problems/solve them rhyme was pretty cool. Considering your age, I'm rating this at an excellent 8. Take care and keep penning those poems!