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Doesn'T Matter
SAS (June 9,1983 / Jersey City, NJ)

Doesn'T Matter

Say you love me and there's no affect
can't feel the love you say you bare
I've come across a heart defect
can no longer believe you even care.

My journey with you has been long
I thought we had something great
but boy o boy was I wrong
and now its all too late

My love for you has went beyond the limits
I loved you enough to bare your seed
and now I'm here all alone
wondering why I had done your deed

A child should be created with love from both to share
but your love isn't around no more
don't even think it was ever there...

You can call me any name in the book
nothing more you can do or say will matter
cause I have had it up to here with you
my heart has been stepped on and shattered.

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