Dog waits in and out of shadows.

Dog dives around chairs and feet.

by Katherine Gallagher Click to read full poem

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Dog’s life isn’t negotiable. Dog circles moons of language. great penning great 10+++
Dog - a best friend, who will find you wherever you are! Simple and sweet!
Nicely done the image penned is vivid and lovely. Thanks for sharing
A dog is a best friend and brings so much joy and love to many. Lovely to read.
A beautifully crafted piece worth reading.
Really it is a beautiful poem on dog. Congratulations for being selected this poem as a modern poem of the poem of the day for second time.
Remember you can’t lose Dog. Sooner or later, Dog will find you. // yeah; exactly; beautiful poem on the character of Dog! !
Splendid employment of anaphora here. I am particularly struck by the wonderfully realised line, with its key metaphor: ' Dog circles moons of language.'
Life and nature! ! With the muse of the dog. Thanks for sharing.
Freedom within the chain of love. Not only expectation but it's perhaps demand...Dog will find you................. Finally obedience is our last choice. Well exposed.
Dog can everything do, Good though. Like.
True nature of the best friend of uman. Congrats on your positioning. Thanks for the poem.x
Sooner or later, Dog will find true. A beautiful poem on Dog nicely executed.
A delightfully presented poem. Enjoyed...
A wonderfully descriptive poem that barks for attention? Beautifully penned.
Such an outstanding poem by Katherine Gallagher👍👍👍
Nice Poem Remember you can’t lose Dog. Sooner or later, Dog will find you. ///// Yes- Dog can do anything for the Master. Dog is loyal and does not leave the closed door of true Master. So, we need to learn some lessons from DOG.
When you have a dog this poem finds you.++10
Simply Great! 'Bow-Wow' 'I found you'