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Dog Coats

Dog Coats


I decided to make some dog coats
And flog them for dosh on e-Bay
Bought fleeces from sheep and goats
And got my idea under way

I made up my own lovely designs
And dyed the wool and the skins
I gave them nice spots and some lines
Some of them with nice fairy wings

I made zebra striped coats for a joke
Bumble bee garb for those little pugs
Made special ones for those sad folk
So dogs matched their cushions and rugs

An email turned up - made me smile
“My dachshund is long but so small
Please make him a cute crocodile
I’ll pay you - anything at all”

She was going to a nice fancy dress
With dachshund under her arm
But events took a turn for the worse
Which caused quite a lot of alarm

“The guests caught sight of my pet
And they all had a nasty great shock
Major Creighton got his big net
They thought - he was a real croc”

Well eventually they all saw the joke
And ordered some stuff for their dogs
I made lots of cash off those folks
Now I also make outfits for mogs (cats)

I now have a sweat shop in Goa
And I employ small kids with low pay
I’m a million-aire entrepren-eur
And a Power-seller now on e-Bay!

copyright Victoria George

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Dear Victoria, That must be fun, making costumes for pets. I like the Zebra stripe.