Dog Dreams

Poem By ovidd bcw

If i wandered
through sanded desert
it would lead
somehow to how
i came to me

and there would
come a finger
presented with love
and would insane
it be
to enhance it with
less rock than clear
a glass that
glitters such
that starlets ponder

and then would not
i walk with her
to talk to friends
and all of all that i
would see
that was of everything


Comments about Dog Dreams

Great poem. Very well described. Great imagery and style. Excellent stuff. I rate it 10. Thanks for sharing..... Please read and rate my poem 'A humble complaint' on page 2. Please use the search box by typing the name of the poem if the page doesn't open with the title of the poem.

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I liked the way it sounded
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I liked the way it felt

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