Dog Of Prey

Switching up a hyacinth of refinery before
I twiddle the fangs of debauchery!
I swindle a bait to win a throng of lashes,
Sighing was all I can now unleash.
Confused was I, just let go off my feet
To travel the highway back in my rest;
Looking back around with no regard of wit
Shouting like a lion with no sounds of haste.
All was I in the shadow stay, no sparkles
Nor a blink of light to shine a breath;
I live within my own licking means of heat
And dodge around in the dark as others raced.
My fate never ended up a horizon of woe
As my cradle wont a surrender from toe to toe;
I barked endlessly with my swaddling voice,
Ended up a cry in the hands of my hunter's choice!

by Gil Gregorio

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