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Dog's False Teeth

Dog's False Teeth


My dog’s teeth had quite bad decay
‘Cos of all the sugar he eats
So I decided to look on e-Bay
And buy him new fangs for a treat

I saw lots of dentures and plates
But these were for humans I think
My dog was really a mate
But his breath was beginning to stink

He only had two rotten teeth
And these were mouldy and green
Lots of brown muck underneath
Worst case of plaque I had seen

I bought plastic teeth off e-Bay
To replace the ones fallen out
I got em and they looked okay
So tried them in my mutt’s big mouth

He thought they were some kind of toy
And chewed them up in a trice
I wanted to tell him “Bad boy! ”
But that wouldn’t be - very nice

I decided that teeth wouldn’t work
On a mutt they’d only look funny
When he wore em he looked like a berk
So decided he’ll spend his days gummy

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Dear Victoria, Wow. You know veterinarians clean dogs' teeth today. They usually give them anesthesia and pull out bad teeth and clean their gums, etc, and even the dog's sinuses. I liked your poem.