Beyond The Colour Blue

Gut me while the flesh is still fresh
Suffocate me while my breath is warm
Squeeze me until the blood would drip less
And feed me to the longing swarm

I've heard a lot of gossip trash
Each word just another meaningless lash
But only one thing said was true:
I am beaten, beyond the color blue

I lay here in a pool of flaking red
A dropp that tastes of metal on my tongue
I do hope your lust is, truly, now fed
For there is no more to which I could possibly succumb

I am beaten, beyond the color blue
I am defeated, because of you
I wish you could see what you have done
But it's hidden behind the curtain, it was just for fun

by Paula Lubbe

Comments (2)

noone loves us more or treats us better than our beloved friends! Well done, Miss Hannah!
Nice thought, Hannah. I wonder what the dog calls you?