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Dogs At Night
DD (6/11/54 / Darwen England)

Dogs At Night

Poem By David Darbyshire

During the day Dogs are Great
It's Dogs at night I really Hate
They Howl and Growl at any Movement
And they'll bite you to my Astonishment
I would recomend
You take a Light and a Stick
Maybe even a big Red Brick
If they Bark or Growl at You
Then you'll know what to Do
'Panic'! ! ! .......

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Comments (3)

Hey, Dave - I love dogs but we lived three years in a country where they were loose at all hours; I almost got 'et' three times. Out of habit, I usually take a long stick on my walks tho' I've never needed it, here or there. Thanks for the smile!
nice poem david... made me smile! x
You obviously have chosen the wrong type of dog, David, there are placid ones about you know, and well behaved too. I should do some dog swopping if I were you. Sincerely Ernestine