White ones, black ones,
Red ones too,
Brown ones, spotted ones,
One is Blue.

Jackson, Brandy
Stonewall and Poot,
Skully, Giggles
And Juna to boot.

These smart seven kids,
They make up a pack.
They’re all so different,
My favorite is Jack.

Big ones, little ones,
Some in between,
Stonewall’s the Big Dog,
Juna’s his Queen.

Some are chiseled,
Some are fat,
And if they run out of food,
There’s always the cats!


Sad note... Jackson died on 3/13/2006. I loved him so

by Sandra Osborne

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Hey if they get too hungry..I'd been watching the postman and any other person who steps through your gate! ! ! HUGS Jan
I enjoyed this so much! Very well written.
A readalong, singalong poem... fun. Thanks.
To be sure, to be sure, are the irish doogs, are thee green oooh orange dooogs veryyy goood poom, to be sure to be sure Whim regooods ullen
Sandra. This was fun and well written.
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