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War - Ww2 Vc - Queensland - John Alexander French, Corporal,2/9 Battalion,2nd Aif
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War - Ww2 Vc - Queensland - John Alexander French, Corporal,2/9 Battalion,2nd Aif

John Alexander French was born in Crows Nest, Queensland
Near Toowoomba on the 15th July 1914 in the highlands
He enlisted in the 2nd AIF early on 22nd October 1939
Just a month after the war started as his enthusiasm shined
As a Queenslander he was allocated to the 2/9 Battalion
That went to the UK as part of the defence against invasion

When the German invasion of the UK didn't occur
They were sent to the Middle East and the desert war
In the heat of North Africa against the Afrika Corps
Battling the Italians at the Gairabub fort and the Trobuk port
Onto Syria then to garrison it after the Vichy French capitulation
Then the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour without declaration

So the 2/9 Battalion went to Milne Bay in New Guinea force
To flank the Kokoda Track from the Japanese invasion course
On the 4th September 1942 after the Japanese had landed
The Battalion attacked the Japanese positions who defended
With casualties being taken from three Japanese machine guns
French ordered his section to take cover and his heroics begun

He charged the position with his sub machine gun blazing
As all three machine guns crews were killed so amazing
But he was riddled with bullets and died showing this dare
In front of the last machine gun pit finally expiring there
And For the cool courage and disregard for his own safety
He was awarded a Victoria Cross and written into history.

© Paul Warren Poetry

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Hey if they get too hungry..I'd been watching the postman and any other person who steps through your gate! ! ! HUGS Jan
I enjoyed this so much! Very well written.
A readalong, singalong poem... fun. Thanks.
To be sure, to be sure, are the irish doogs, are thee green oooh orange dooogs veryyy goood poom, to be sure to be sure Whim regooods ullen
Sandra. This was fun and well written.
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