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Dogwood Blooms

The pear trees and dogwood blooms
Remind me of our living room
When you were here
Pears in a bowl on the window sill
Dogwood blooms in a vase,
I miss you still

I know it's only been a year
Sometimes I feel your presence here
As though you haven't gone
Sometimes late I call your name
Then I realize it was in vain
But still, I remember our song

If I could I would somehow
Be with you if I could right now
But life, it continues on
And I know the stars above
Somewhere beyond is your love,
So I keep holding on

Then another day it comes
And the loneliness it begins
I can't help it, still I miss you so
I step outside and there I stand
Then I realize and I know,
I'm standing where the pear and dogwood grow.

by Bill Simmons

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