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Doing The Best That I Can

Y is it so flipping hard?
to just love life anymore?
I used to say “screw it” and just enjoy the moment.
But now it’s backfiring.
Now i have to pick up the slack.
But i’m not trained to do that.
I’m not even sure i know how.
But here i am and i have to do this now.
I need help.
But no one understands that.
There’s to much responsibility placed on my shoulders.
It feels like i’m carrying two heavy boulders.
People are trying to tell me to just put them down.
But it’s not that easy. Not that simple.
Now i crumble under the weight.
What will happen when i’m in thearapy at 28?
I’m just really stressed. I’m not at my best.
So why can’t you understand?
Right now I just can’t handle a man.
I’m doing the best that i can.
Is that the part you don’t understand?

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Wow Hailey! ! , your amazing, you've got some real talent in you, keep it up! !