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Doing The Riggers
ME Michael Emine (1967 / Scarborough UK)

Doing The Riggers

I used to take my chopper to a North Sea oil rig
where some of those riggers were quite big
I often had trouble with them getting on
as their equipment could be quite long
I would take them from the rig back to land
where getting them off took a helping hand
tired they would often collapse to the floor
while I would fly back to pick up some more.

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Comments (3)

Mike...Is there a double meaning in this one...they needed a hand getting off? ? ! ! Very enlightening poem...darling... Hugs: -) Dee
Mr Potato Head thank you I am forever in your debt (for others this is because Mr Potato Head kindly lets me know what words rhyme with 'helicopter', 'chopper' etc because they are not too easy) but can you get a move on please I'm having to do things like diversity into writing about the royal family and they're not so interesting mike fran - well naturally one of those votes was from me because i assumed nobody else would vote but now I realise that this time in the morning is a good time for submission I may have to alter my flight schedules in order to work in more timley masterpieces. Thank you for your kind thoughts (the other votes are presumably from people to embarrassed to admit that they enjoy poems about choppers mike x
Newly posted and yet you have three votes of 10 already. You must be popular! But there's something about your poetry which is...erm.....er..........different. Love, Fran xx